Thorsell Spirit House

Level 1, Michael Lee-Chin Crystal

Formed at the point where all of the Lee-Chin Crystal's five crystalline shapes unite, this unique space soars vertically from Level B2 to Level 4, with criss-crossing bridges on each level that connect the galleries from east to west. From these bridges, visitors can experience the large, twisting volumes of the Thorsell Spirit House. On Level 1, a contemplative lounge includes Thorsell Spirit House Chairs, custom-designed by architect Daniel Libeskind.

The space’s permanent sound installation is A Time to Hear for Here by multifaceted artist John Oswald. This unique auditory experience incorporates both random sounds, which may only happen once in a blue moon, such as a loon and a whale singing a duet, or a Chinese folk melody accompanied by a CN train whistle, and sounds that occur at a particular hour, such as a the first four notes of the Canadian national anthem timed to the noon horn in Vancouver, British Columbia.

A Time to Hear for Here also features a 24-part canon, entitled Qui, inspired by the 15th-century choral piece Qui Habitat by Josquin Desprez. The voices behind Qui incorporate the many languages spoken by Canadians, according to those listed in 2002 census. One operatic tenor sings in Korean, another tenor born in South Africa sings a second alto part in Zulu, while someone else may sing in Romanian or Finnish. Visitors can hear Qui daily at 17:17 (5:17 pm).

A portrait celebrating the Museum's New Century Founders, a group of Museum leaders whose extraordinary generosity and deep personal commitment to Renaissance ROM has been integral to the project's success.