The West and the World CHY4U1

The West and the World CHY4U1

This topic explores the history of the world since the sixteenth century, emphasising the interaction between the emerging West and other regions of the world. Students will learn about a variety of economic, social, political, and artistic concepts. By discussing artifacts and the ideas they represent students will have the opportunity to apply their developing skills of historical inquiry. At the end they should be better able to understand the forces that have formed our modern world and the historical roots of contemporary issues.

Curriculum links include, but are not limited to: assessment of various types of interactions that have occurred among diverse peoples and cultures; understanding how the historical concept of change is used to analyse developments in the West and throughout the world since the sixteenth century; explaining how key Western beliefs, philosophies, and ideologies have shaped the West.

Do not combine with the following topics due to similar content:

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