Career Exploration (Panel discussion + ROM Makerspace activity)

Career Exploration (Panel discussion + ROM Makerspace activity)

Grades : Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
Activity Type : Combined program (Tour & Lab)
Duration : 120 minutes
Subject : Career Studies
Min / Max : 15 / 160 students + adults
Price :  Tax Exempt : $17 , 1 adult free per 15 students

February 28, 2018 only 10:00 - 13:30

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What is working in a museum like? What do various museum jobs entail and what roles do staff play in the development of ROM exhibitions? What skills have been most important in their careers?

Join 4 ROM staff members from various departments from 10:00 to 11:00 to learn about the education and work journey that led to where they are today. Hear first-hand about the knowledge, skills, and competencies they employ every day in their behind-the-scenes work at the museum. From 12:15 to 13:15 in the afternoon, students will apply these competencies and try their hand at exhibition design in a workshop.


Oliver Haddrath
Research Technician

Oliver has been with the Department of Natural History at the Royal Ontario Museum for 29 years. He is responsible for the operations of one of the ROM's two genetic research laboratories which use DNA to examine the genetics of rare and endangered species, help to build the tree of life, and unravel the mysteries of the past using ancient DNA.

He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1985 with a specialist degree in Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics. He completed his Masters of Science degree in 2001, which focussed on how the diversification and the distribution of the large flightless birds (ostrich, emu, cassowary, kiwis, rheas and extinct moa) was shaped by continental drift over the last 80 million years. He is currently completing his PhD which involves developing new molecular markers to look further back in time to the earliest evolutionary events surrounding the origin of birds.

Dave Hollands
Head, Creative

Dave is a licensed architect and Head of Creative at the Royal Ontario Museum, responsible for an in-house workgroup who design special exhibitions, communications graphics, digital and other multi-media and space alterations. Dave is an active member of the museum’s Inclusion Advisory group devoted to making the museum a place for everyone.

Presently the focus of Dave’s team at the ROM is the development of major exhibitions designed to engage and inform diverse audiences.

Steven Laurie
Associate Project Manager

Bio coming soon

Courtney Murfin
Interpretive Planner

As an Interpretive Planner at the ROM, Courtney works across many departments and with a wide range of curators and designers. Her job is to help develop storylines for an exhibit or gallery, ensuring key ideas are displayed in a way that is clear, easy to understand, and engaging. With the tremendous variety of content at the ROM, Courtney has worked with everything from ancient Chinese toys to African coffins, from water-saving tips and blue whales, to the challenges of modern mining. Before the ROM, Courtney earned a Masters of Museum Studies from the University of Toronto.

There is also an option to attend a half-day only program which includes only the morning career panel with 4 ROM staff members

Curriculum links:
Exploration of Opportunities strand in GLC2O & GLD2O
Arts & Culture sector of SHSM program, experiential learning and career exploration activities

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$17 /person
Tax Exempt : $17

1 adult free
per 15 students

Activity Type : Combined program (Tour & Lab)
Duration : 120 minutes
Subject : Career Studies
Min / Max : 15 / 160 students + adults

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