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Mixed Forest Species at Risk

This rugged and diverse region has a mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees. In any local area the predominance of one forest type over the other depends on climate and soil conditions. This is an important habitat for forest birds such as warblers and mammals such as the White-tailed Deer.

There are a total of 96 species officially designated as being at risk in this region.

  • 5 species are extinct and gone forever.
  • 2 species are extirpated and no longer exist in Ontario.
  • 32 species are endangered and close to disappearing from Ontario.
  • 27 species are threatened indicating risk of becoming endangered.
  • 30 species are of special concern who's characteristics make them sensitive to human activities or natural events.

    From the pie charts you can obtain a listing of the species in any of the risk categories, or you can click here to get the complete list of 96 species.

  • 30 Birds

    18 Fish

    3 Insects

    1 Lichens

    4 Mammals

    1 Molluscs

    24 Plants

    15 Reptiles

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