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Tundra Boreal Barrens Boreal Forest Mixed Forest Mixed Forest Deciduous Forest

Ontario Bioregions

Ontario's Species at Risk

Regional checklists. Select a region from the map or the menu to obtain a list of species at risk for all of Ontario or any of the five major bioregions:
  • Tundra - A northern area of permanent ice cover where trees are stunted and scarce
  • Boreal Barrens - Swampy forest of short trees
  • Boreal Forest - Evergreen forest, especially spruce
  • Mixed Forest - A mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees
  • Deciduous Forest - A narrow strip of southern deciduous trees

Species Fast Facts. Brief but authoritative accounts of many species including:

    maps Maps of their Ontario and North American distribution
    photo Colour images
    text Engaging text describing each species' biology and conservation status.
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