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The Love the ROM $15M Centennial Campaign: Creating the Next Century Together

To celebrate our past and ensure a bright future for the Museum, the Love the ROM Campaign aims to raise $15 million by June 2015 to transform the visitor experience inside and out—from the moment you step onto the ROM Plaza to how you discover and interact with our world- renowned collections and leading experts.

Philanthropy has been a cornerstone of the ROM since it first opened its doors to the public in 1914. Love the ROM Campaign donors will play a personal role in shaping the future cultural landscape of Toronto and become partners in one of the most significant milestone projects in the ROM’s history. With your partnership and support, we can realize:

  • A lively and meaningful urban green space that will revitalize the city
  • An innovative Director’s Fund to sustain the ROM for future generations
  • An essential Programming Fund to animate our Centres of Discovery
  • An extraordinary Dawn of Life Gallery for the 21st century

Be part of this remarkable time in the ROM’s history that will create and celebrate Centennial legacies for the next generation together. Your generous support will move Canada’s world museum forward in exciting ways that will change how you belong at the ROM, transform your city and ensure your Museum flourishes for the future.


Susan Horvath
President & CEO
ROM Governors



The ROM is celebrating a significant and exciting milestone in 2014—a century of building communities and bringing people and ideas together. In honour of the ROM Centennial, we hope you will take part in our special community fundraising campaign called Love the ROM.

Our dedicated supporters have enabled the ROM to nurture discovery and inspire wonder for the past century. When you support the ROM, you're investing in a cultural icon that enriches lives with extraordinary experiences of science and civilization.

Show your love for the ROM and celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime moment in the Museum's history by making a commemorative Centennial gift in your name, or in a loved one's name, and receive special recognition in our Centennial year! No gift is too small—we welcome one-time donations and monthly pledges.

Supporters who donate $150 or more to the campaign will be recognized on the ROM website, and donors who give $1,000 or more will be invited to share their unique ROM stories and memories, or wishes to loved ones in the future, in a commemorative Centennial book that will become a permanent part of the ROM collections for generations to come.

When the Duke of Connaught opened the ROM on March 19, 1914, Sir Edmund Walker—the Museum's first chairman—presented him with an illuminated manuscript as a memento. The Centennial memory book is a modern version of this historic manuscript and will feature artwork by Rachel Ann Lindsay, a Toronto-based illustrator. Her drawings will complement selected stories and bring our community's ROM memories to life. Learn more about the special benefits of donating to the Love the ROM campaign.

We hope you will support our Campaign and show your Love for the ROM!
Donate now online or call 416.586.5842 to pledge your support.

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Photo: The Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, lit up in celebration of our supporters for the ROM 100 Centennial Ball on November 8, 2014. Photo: Scott Ramsay.

Illustration by Rachel Ann Lindsay. Her drawings will bring selected donor stories to life in a commemorative ROM Centennial book.

Campaign Priorities

Love TO

The Welcome Project: The Changing Face of the ROM

The new ROM Plaza and lobby will transform the visitor welcome experience, revitalize the community and enhance one of the best corners of urban real estate in the country. This exciting urban greening project will provide the community with beautiful biodiversity gardens, outdoor public programming and open-air performance space.

Acclaimed architectural firm Hariri Pontarini architects and award-winning landscape architect Claude Cormier will create a new façade and civic green space that is seamlessly interwoven with the Museum’s iconic exterior. An improved interior lobby experience by multidisciplinary design firm BMD will also welcome and guide visitors through the ROM.

The ROM's new exterior will include a living laboratory of gardens that will teach the community about the incredible diversity of life on earth and our current conservation projects. Together with your support, we can create an urban green space at the centre of Canada’s largest city that will foster ecological consciousness among citizens, stronger neighbourhood ties and a greater sense of community.

“Our aim is to create a singular public space the city will treasure, which will create another layer of attachment and engagement with the ROM.” Siamak Hariri, Architect



Photo: Conceptual rendering of the revitalized ROM Plaza (detail). Courtesy of Hariri Pontarini Architects.

Love to

The Director’s Centennial Fund: Every Great City Deserves a Great Museum

The ROM is always evolving to be at the heart of the city. From its beginnings a century ago—when a small community with great ambition came together to build an inspired museum—the Museum has continued to grow and build community. Today the ROM is the largest field- research museum and one of the largest extra-curricular educational institutions in Canada.

Few people realize the breadth and depth of the ROM's collections or the collective strength of its expertise. The ROM has more than six million objects in its captivating collection, interpreted and animated by internationally renowned curators and research experts. An essential Director's Fund to sustain the ROM will support the Museum's highest priorities, which help bring our world-class exhibitions, stunning galleries, leading-edge research and educational programs to life.

Investing in this critical Fund will enable the ROM to further its mission and continue to evolve as a Museum for the 21st century. As the ROM celebrates its Centennial with the community, the Director's Fund will ensure the Museum remains relevant and continues to change the way it shares wonder and promotes learning through new technologies, experimental programs and innovative projects for the next century.

"As a little girl one of my favourite things was to spend a Saturday afternoon at the ROM. As I grew older, and my love for fashion blossomed, the ROM always managed to fuel my fantasies with their gorgeous collection of frocks from days gone by." Jeanne Beker, Canadian media personality and fashion columnist

Photo: A visit to the ROM can be a life-altering experience for a child, sparking an interest in fields that range from palaeontology to fashion to biology.

Love to

The Centennial Programming Fund: The New ROM Experience

Centres of Discovery are the new way to experience the Museum. The ROM is an encyclopaedic museum and our Centres of Discovery are the chapter headings that offer visitors an opportunity to belong to a community that matters to them and a chance to participate in learning and discovery at the ROM. Each Centre is animated by expert collections and research staff who create public programs that offer memorable visitor experiences and build partnerships across communities.

Together, we can make the ROM a more welcoming and meaningful place with a programming fund that will bring the Centres of Discovery to life. Shining a light on the ROM's eight areas of excellence, the Centres of Discovery connect people to their world and to each other by:

  • Co-creating content, events and programs with diverse communities
  • Inviting more behind-the-scenes experiences and participation than ever before
  • Engaging the international community to take part in research and discussion
  • Making greater use of technology to bring collections to life both on-site and online
  • Developing the next generation of thoughtful leaders, scientists and citizens

"We understand less about the oceans than we do the moon. And yet oceans govern our climate, feed billions and are losing species at unprecedented levels. An animated space like the Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity at the ROM is more relevant now than ever before." Dave Ireland, Managing Director, ROM Biodiversity


ROM AnciEnT cuLTuREs

makes sense of how past societies inform our lives and help us plan for the future.


helps us understand the world's biodiversity and prevent its loss.


inspires dialogue, exploration and experience of Canada's changing cultures and natural worlds.


stimulates thought on critical issues in the modern world through exhibitions of art, architecture, design and photography.


helps us understand the earth and our solar system through the study of minerals, meteorites, rocks and gems.


shares the record of life on earth through time and conducts groundbreaking research on dinosaurs, fossils and specimens.


explores global fashion and textiles that interweave cultures and societies and record histories, politics and innovation.


is a unique portal for understanding human thought and global experience through visual arts and material culture.

Photo: Thorny skate stained specimen, Amblyraja radiata, from the ROM's celebrated natural history collections.

Love to

The Dawn of Life Gallery: Telling the story of life before dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have long captured the imagination of children, filmmakers and scientists. But the ROM's Dawn of Life Gallery will explore life long before giant reptiles roamed the planet, showcasing stunning specimens from Canada’s world-renowned fossil beds. This innovative space will immerse visitors in an ancient landscape, showing the earliest beginnings of life, with compelling content informed by leading-edge ROM research.

The Dawn of Life Gallery will explore how life began and how it evolved over time. Canada is home to some of the world's most important fossils for revealing life's deep history. Visitors will hear fascinating stories and learn about remarkable research on the earliest beginnings of life, mass extinctions, and how these inform our current planetary crisis. Showcasing the ROM's world-leading research and discoveries in brand new ways, the gallery will celebrate our shared past and help inform our understanding of the future.

In-gallery technology and digital tools will connect visitors to the latest ROM research and current palaeontology projects in the field. Visitors will be able to watch, learn and ask questions of the ROM's world-class team as they unearth spectacular specimens from active research sites across Canada. The Dawn of Life Gallery will explore these discoveries and tell the story of early life as only the ROM can.

"The Dawn of Life Gallery will be an interactive space and engrossing experience, using cutting-edge technology to tell the story of how life began on Earth. Through innovative design and hands-on activities, we will create a gallery experience unlike any other at the ROM." Dr. Jean-Bernard Caron, ROM Curator of Invertebrate Palaeontology

Photo: Conceptual rendering of the future Dawn of Life Gallery, courtesy of Reich + Petch.

Love Your

Invest in Canada’s World Museum

Show your Love for the ROM and help make history during our Centennial year. Now is the time to invest in the future of the Museum and the people and projects that make it an essential destination for unforgettable insights and powerful discoveries. With your generosity and involvement, we will realize the full potential of our global community to help make sense of how the Earth and its cultures have evolved and how the changes we face today will shape the world we live in tomorrow.

We would love to hear from you. ROM donors and partners are an integral part of our community, enjoying personalized events, meetings with curators, targeted impact reports and behind- the-scenes tours. To learn more about how you can support our Campaign, please contact Susan Horvath, President & CEO of the ROM Governors, at 416.586.5660 or Visit or follow us on Twitter @ROMGovs for more information and Campaign updates.

It's your Museum.



Photo: Mother and daughter discovering dramatic objects and the contemporary cultural traditions of Africa's peoples.




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ROM Governors

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Photo: This mummified cat has been on display at the ROM since the doors opened in 1914. a century later, visitors can interact with artifacts like this one in ways never before possible using ScopifyROM, an app that reveals fascinating stories using x-rays, restoration tools and interactive games.



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