Service Worker 1



Two Temporary Part-time Positions (120 day assignments)

Maximum 20-24 hours per week- day or night shifts


  • Reporting to the Manager/Leadhand incumbent will monitor grounds and building conditions, observe occurrences such as leaking water taps, burnt out light bulbs, presence of unauthorized persons, unsecured doors, or other deficiencies and reports verbally or in writing to the shift supervisor or lead hand.
  • Maintain floors by sweeping, dust mopping, wet mopping, washing, wet and dry vacuum cleaning, scrubbing, pressure cleaning, buffing, stripping, refinishing, sanding, shampoo and steam cleaning, spray maintenance, and other tasks related to the position.
  • Provide cleaning services by washing, dusting, scrubbing, disinfecting, pressure cleaning, and preserving fixtures, furniture, equipment, walls, doors, glass, etc. at any level and in any specially designated areas.
  • Set up and take down tables, chairs, stands and equipment related to events, galas, meetings, etc.
  • Maintain grounds, clean and clear outside approaches to building; maintain surrounding sidewalks and driveways to ensure they are free of ice by removing snow and spreading ice melting substance and/or scraping surface with ice scraper.  Mow and water lawns, trim edges, shrubs and bushes, remove and bag dead leaves, branches, shrubs and debris.  Clean equipment and perform routine maintenance.
  • Replenish supplies; collect and dispose of waste.
  • Receive and respond to requests for facility set-up.  Move furniture including chairs, tables, desks, cupboards, and other furniture and equipment.  Use material handling equipment when necessary.  Deliver material and equipment from the receiving dock to departments.
  • Perform duties as assigned.


Date d'affichage 2013-04-26
Date de clôture 2013-05-10
Service Capital Development & Facilities
Type Part-Time
Salaire $21.72 per hour (probationary rate)



  • High school education is the minimum.  Previous housekeeping experience is required.
  • Physical strength, manual dexterity and ability to safely operate cleaning maintenance equipment are required.
  • Able to read and interpret schedules, product directions, and equipment instructions.
  • Communicate effectively (both written and verbal), in an appropriate manner, with fellow workers, staff, and visitors.
  • Requires a valid Ontario driver’s license.
All subsequent temporary job vacancies resulting from this job posting will be filled from the applications received.  Employees/individuals interested in this or any subsequent temporary assignment should apply to this job posting.

How to Apply



STARTING DATE:  ASAP              Hourly Rate (during probationary period): $21.72 per hour

UNION AFFILIATION:                    SEIU

 APPLY IN WRITING TO: Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario,  M5S 2C6.  Attention: Mara Gunner, Human Resources Coordinator.  Fax: (416) 586-5827

PRIOR TO 5 P.M. on  May 10, 2013 or e-mail:  Please include Competition #2013-036 - Temporary Service Worker, Part-time Position on the subject line.