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Canada’s Oceans and YOU: The Event (Part II)

Five months of planning, three partners, one event. Expectations were high for the WWF-Canada and ROM exhibit, presented by Loblaw Companies Limited, at the 2012 Green Living Show at the Direct Energy Centre, Toronto, April 13-15. “Canada’s Oceans and You” did not disappoint. The Green Living

Archaeology Weekend Recap

Submitted by Chen Shen, Vice President, World Cultures Here we have UofT graduate students explaining artefacts from the Aegean, behind them more students showing Onario artefacts, and behind them quipu-making with Dr. Justin Jennings! Over 40 archaeologists from the ROM and the University of

Monday’s Massive Migration

For some more info on the butterfly migration see Antonia’s blog plost from May 4, 2012. They were everywhere across southern Ontario yesterday; even in downtown Toronto. I saw a few in Philosopher’s Walk and across the Bloor St. viaduct. The Red Admirals (Vanessa atalanta) have arrived! One

The Trees of the ROM

Of all the wonders of nature, a tree in summer is perhaps the most remarkable; with the possible exception of a moose singing “Embraceable You” in spats. ~Woody Allen Here in the Hands-on Galleries, we care greatly about our trees, which is why we’re so excited about the Earth Weekend events

Meet an Archaeologist: Dan Rahimi

In celebration of Archaeology Weekend on April 14 and 15, we have interviewed a few ROM archaeologists. Dan Rahimi works in the Middle East studying the period around the beginnings of settled societies around 10 to 5 thousand years ago, he is also the ROM’s Vice President of Gallery Development.

ROM Goddesses on display for Archaeology Weekend

As part of A rchaeology Weekend on April 14 and 15 we will be putting on a small display of objects from out of the ROM’s vaults.  We are calling it Treasures of the Danube: Enigmatic Objects from Balkan Prehistory. One case will be of figurines from the Vinča culture (circa 5,500 and 4,500

Canada’s Oceans and YOU: The Rising Sea (Part 1)

Packing and transporting over 50 specimens from the ROM to the Direct Energy Centre at the Exhibition grounds for the Canada’s Oceans and You: An Interactive Exhibition at the Green Living Show is not a simple task. Days of preparation happen: models are placed delicately in or on packing

Ultimate Dinos Sneak Peek: Dinos in the Big City

We returned from the field in Patagonia to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. At about 13 million people in the metro area, BA is the largest city in the country, and third largest in modern Gondwana (behind Sao Paulo and Cairo). There are dinosaurs in Buenos Aires, but only in museums, as the

Archaeology Weekend: Meet your Museum Heroes!

I can’t wait for Archaeology Weekend (April 14 – 15). It’s REALLY going to be special. BUT! Before we get there, let me tell you a story! One of the most vivid memories I have from my childhood experiences visiting the ROM involved interacting with actual professionals who brought the cool

Komodo Dragon Preparation, Step One: Shed the Skin

  Viewer discretion advised The following slideshow depicts a Komodo Dragon being dissected as it is prepared for the ROM's collections. Some images may be shocking. The Komodo Dragon before preparations begin This large adult male Komodo Dragon is measured in at a whopping 92 inches from