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Origins and History of "Connecting"

Connecting took its place among adult programs at the ROM in 1989. It was an instant success. One Wednesday every month Connecting took over the Members’ Lounge on the 4 th floor overlooking Bloor Street in the recently reopened museum.  Billed as the ideal way for “enthusiastic singles” to

MUSEUM (poem)

I believe museums should be about affectivity-- that one should be able to simultaneously 'lose' oneself and connect to something larger. Here's a poem I wrote on the subject that I am pleased to share in honour of ROM ReCollects: MUSEUM Matinée monuments stories in surround

Close Examination

 In the early 60's my mom took my brothers and me on our first visit to ROM. After hours of viewing display case after display case if intriguing objects we walked the stairs to the top floor. Enthralled and not wanting to miss anything, partway up the stairs I stopped to examine another


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