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Science, Art and Technology: An Interview with Deborah Samuel

Lizard.I © Deborah Samuel 2012/Courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum. On the surface, the works in  Elegy: Deborah Samuel appear to reveal a strictly naturalist approach to representing biological remains. However, these striking images of animal skeletons, ten of which are ROM specimens, tell

Ultimate Dinos Sneak Peek: Dinosaurs and Wine

March 24, 2012 In the world of palaeontology, Argentina is famous for its spectacular dinosaur fossils. But in the greater world, it is known for, among many other things, its amazing wine. The province of Mendoza has been producing world-renown wine for many years, but in the last decade

Does a mild winter mean more insects?

Given our warmer-than-average winter this year, ROM entomologists have fielded numerous enquiries about whether mild winter temperatures will result in more bugs this spring and summer. Unfortunately, there is no simple “yes” or “no” answer to this question  — the best response is “It

Ultimate Dinos Sneak Peek: Arrival in Patagonia, Argentina

March 22-23, 2012 Over the next ten days, I am travelling through Neuquen Province, in Patagonia, Argentina with a small crew of New Media experts from the ROM – producer Rob McMahon and filmographer Randy Dreager. We will be working with local scientists to make a short documentary film on the

The end is near…the long Maya count down

Altar commemorating the midpoint of a k’atun in 682 CE. Sandstone. Late Classic Period (AD 600-900). Toniná, Chiapas, Mexico. Museo Regional de Chiapas. Image (c) CONACULTA.-INAH.-MEX. Jorge Vertiz 2011. Reproduction Authorized by the National Institute of Anthropology and History. As we count

Age Before Beauty: The Acasta Gneiss and Jack Hills Conglomerate

Submitted by Vincent Vertolli, Assistant Curator Geology The Jack Hills Conglomerate, a 3,000 million year old sedimentary rock from which the oldest, at 4,200 million years, terrestrial minerals have been found. The Jack Hills Conglomerate occurs in the Mt. Narryer and Jack Hills area of Western

Dr. A. P. Coleman (1852-1939)

Dr. A. P. Coleman (1852-1939)

Submitted by Vincent Vertolli, Assistant Curator Geology Dr. A. P. Coleman was appointed Director of the Museum of Geology in 1913 to join five other museums, Archaeology, Mineralogy, Palaeontology and Zoology which came to be known as the Royal Ontario Museum. Dr. Coleman is considered one of

Jade-Foolery: How to Recognize Minerals Disguised as Jade

March Break visitors inspect the minerals before deciding if they are jade. This week, March Break visitors were invited to test their astuteness in the Teck Suite of Galleries: Earth’s Treasures (activity table open Monday to Friday only).  With a collection of Jade-like objects and specimens

Profile of a ROM Conservator

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, ROM Conservators help protect our collections from damage and restore objects to their previous splendor. Ok. Maybe we’re generalizing a bit, so we went right to the source and asked Cathy Stewart, Manager of Conservation, a few questions to help uncover what

Bobdownsite; an honour to honour

Bobdownsite. I was lead author on a manuscript recently describing a new mineral called bobdownsite, ideally Ca 9 Mg(PO 4) 6 (PO 3 F), from the Big Fish River, Yukon Territory. The ROM has been very involved in describing rare minerals from this region for over 40 years. Al Kulan and associate