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New to Canada Youth Club

CLOSED For youth ages 13 to 16 Get to know what's great about Canada, from diverse natural resources to a rich kaleidoscope of cultural traditions. Immerse yourself in a weekend workshop of learning and making new friends in Canada's largest museum. Practice your English language skills

Afterimage: Tod Ainslie's Vision of the War of 1812

Photographs documenting historically significant sites of the War of 1812 also commemorate much more CLOSED Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada, Level 1 Wilson Canadian Heritage Exhibition Room “As I worked with these primitive cameras and saw the images they produced, I felt a strong sense of the

Druxy's ROM Café

  Druxy's Famous Deli is the operator of the ROM's cafeteria restaurant. In addition to the delicious sandwiches and salads that Druxy's has become famous for, Druxy's ROM Café has an expanded menu that includes burgers, pizzas and other grilled and hot foods.  The menu at

Jorinde Voigt: Beethoven 1-32

The art of music; the music of art Until October 8 Level 3 “This rising German star conceives her drawings like musical scores or algorithms with spiraling lines and arrows that ebb and flow across the page.”-- The Guardian, UK Beethoven 1-32, commissioned by Luminato as part of its 2012

The Burgess Shale: The Virtual Museum of Canada

The Burgess Shale: The Virtual Museum of Canada

Take an online dive into a 500-million-year-old sea View online Go on an immersive journey into the world of the bizarre prehistoric creatures which formed the foundation for all animal life on Earth half a billion years ago.   Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Burgess Shale is a

Eaton Gallery of Rome

Eaton Gallery of Rome

Emperors and Gladiators are just the beginning… The legacy of Rome and its empire endures to this day. Roman generals and emperors conquered foreign lands and left their mark, still visible today in art and architectural remains throughout Europe and the Middle East. Rome was home to some of the

Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana Menu

Ultimate Dinos Menu Price Cream of Wild Rice & Chicken Soup 12oz $3.95 16oz $5.25 Roasted Chicken-o-Saurus 1⁄4 chicken with kale chips & roasted red potatoes  $8.95 Dino “Nest” Salad shaved carrot & raisin salad with cracked “dino egg” $3.95 Food Studio “Futulognkosaurus”