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Sand Sculpting with Sandi

10 feet tall and 15 tons of sand! Watch as sand sculpture artist, Sandi 'Castle' Stirling, shapes a sand pile into a stunning Egyptian inspired work of art. This outdoor installation marked the beginning of ROMkids weekends at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto in 2008.

Iconic: Statue of Sekhmet

Dating to the reign of King Tutankhamun's grandfather, this Egyptian sculpture is a very fine example of one of the oldest known Egyptian deities, the lion-headed warrior goddess also known as Mistress of Dread and Lady of Slaughter. On display in the Galleries of Africa: Egypt, the statue is

Textiles & Costume Preview

Do clothes really make the man? See the full video, Stavros: Master Tailor, in the new Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles & Costume, opening April 16, 2008 at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Explore the extensive transformations in textile design and technology throughout the past three

Women in South Asian Art

Dr. Deepali Dewan, Curator of South Asian Arts and Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, discusses representations of women in South Asian Art using artifacts on display in the Sir Christopher Ondaatje South Asian Gallery.

Fact? or Fiction?

The devious curatorial staff of Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum attempt to outwit participants at Fact? or Fiction?, an annual guessing game and fundraising event in support of the ROM research endowment fund. For tickets visit Going into its 12th year, Fact? or

Iconic: Ming Tomb

Legendary in Chinese history, General Zu Dashou was celebrated for his defence of the Ming dynasty against the Manchu invasion. The Tomb of General Zu Dashou (Ming Tomb) now stands in the Gallery of Chinese Architecture and is one of the Museum's iconic objects.

Iconic: Totem Poles

These four totem poles, carved by the Nisgaa and Haida peoples of Canada's Pacific Northwest Coast, commemorate family origins, rights, privileges, achievements and experiences. Standing just outside the Daphne Cockwell Gallery of Canada: First Peoples, they been selected as one of the

ROM Research: Bats!

Learn about the research Burton Lim, Assistant Curator of Mammology, leads in Guyana and around the world. Burton is an expert on all types of bats and studies their biodiversity and evolution.

Fact? or Fiction? Get Real!

Toronto's premier annual trivia event! Spend a fun-filled night of intrigue and mystery at the Museum with Royal Ontario Museum curators. Enjoy a tasty buffet and bar, and play a hilarious guessing game to determine the authenticity of rarely seen objects from the ROM vaults...and you could

Iconic: The Death of General Wolfe

This historic painting recreates the pivotal moment in 1759 when Britain defeated France on the Plains of Abraham. As one of only five original versions painted by Benjamin West, this object is one of the Royal Ontario Museum's iconic treasures. Visitors can see the original painting hanging