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General Idea’s AIDS Sculpture

The Royal Ontario Museum and The Institute for Contemporary Culture at the ROM celebrate the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto with the display of AIDS, a sculpture by the Canadian art collective General Idea. Created in 1989 and inspired by Robert Indiana's 1970 LOVE sculpture, it

Early Typewriters

Welcome to the pre-computer era: the discovery of QWERTY keyboards, carriage returns and black ribbon. Early Typewriters presents 20 antique typewriters from the 1880s and 1890s, and explores the remarkable designs and ingenuity of the world’s first typing machines. The advent of the typewriter

Hiroshi Sugimoto: History of History

Discover an exploration of time and history from the perspective of Hiroshi Sugimoto, one of the most internationally acclaimed contemporary artists. Conceived and curated by Sugimoto himself, History of History is a personal exhibition that melds his own evocative photographs with prehistoric

Drama and Desire: Japanese Paintings from the Floating World 1690- 1850

Imagine a world of flamboyant kabuki actors, unnerving ghosts, and graceful geisha clad in the finest and most delicate kimonos of the day. Imagine elaborate tea ceremonies and evenings filled with music, theatre and fashion. Such was the world of Edo (Tokyo) in the 17th to 19th centuries, depicted

Observance and Memorial: Photographs from S-21, Cambodia

Until March 10, 2013 Roloff Beny Gallery, Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Level 4 From 1975-1979, Cambodia endured one of the worst atrocities of the 20th century under the rule of the Khmer Rouge. 103 photographic prints developed from original negatives abandoned at the S-21 prison in Phnom Penh,

Afterimage: Tod Ainslie's Vision of the War of 1812

Photographs documenting historically significant sites of the War of 1812 also commemorate much more CLOSED Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada, Level 1 Wilson Canadian Heritage Exhibition Room “As I worked with these primitive cameras and saw the images they produced, I felt a strong sense of the

Jorinde Voigt: Beethoven 1-32

The art of music; the music of art Until October 8 Level 3 “This rising German star conceives her drawings like musical scores or algorithms with spiraling lines and arrows that ebb and flow across the page.”-- The Guardian, UK Beethoven 1-32, commissioned by Luminato as part of its 2012

The Burgess Shale: The Virtual Museum of Canada

The Burgess Shale: The Virtual Museum of Canada

Take an online dive into a 500-million-year-old sea View online Go on an immersive journey into the world of the bizarre prehistoric creatures which formed the foundation for all animal life on Earth half a billion years ago.   Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the Burgess Shale is a

Sovereign Allies/Living Cultures: First Nations of the Great Lakes

Stories of the War of 1812 and its aftermath from a First Nations perspective Closed September 5, 2013 Daphne Cockwell Gallery Canada First Peoples, Level 1 Sovereign Allies/Living Cultures explores the participation of First Nations warriors in the War of 1812 and, in the War’s aftermath, the

Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana

Now Closed About the Ultimate Dinos Meet the Dinos Meet the The Ultimate Dinosaurs Team ROM Research Augmented Reality Millions of years ago, lands that were once united were torn apart. Dinosaurs were carried in different directions, passengers on moving continents. An incredible array of dinosaur