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Comment by Jen

Just wanted to say it's great how you are always working on ways to introduce technology as a way to further interact with an learn about the items. I was in on the weekend and was told about this app. I spent an extra hour in your museum because of this app - because it was downloading the whole time :( and then asked right away for an update! Much of the time spent waiting for this app could have been spent browsing the galleries instead. Also the whole time, the tech docents who were talking to guests about this app were hovering hoping to see when it loaded so they could help. The one lady switched shifts recently and was given her tablet to help guests but I ended up intuitively knowing more than she did on how to work it. I understand this is new so here are some improvements I suggest:
Tell people about the app while they're waiting in line to pay for admission. Encourage them to download it then.
Offering WIFI is great but it needs to be faster to process so many people downloading.
Your docents need to know and be familiar with their technologies.

Thanks for listening and great work on what's been done so far! Hope you can continue this for many other items in your collection.