Striking a New Pose

When they were first reconstructed in the late 1800s, dinosaurs were assumed to have looked like giant reptiles. Through the early half of the 20th century they were portrayed in 3-D skeleton mounts and in artists’ depictions either in a four-legged stance with their tails dragging on the ground like huge lizards or in awkward upright positions on their hind legs.

Specious Claims?

Radu Cornel Guiasu

Conservation biologist Radu Guiasu looks beyond the alarming headlines to assess the true impact of “invasive” species. Barbarian invaders? Or just a case of species xenophobia?

Romancing the Stones

The ROM exhibition of Michael Scott’s collection, called Light and Stone, will feature among other things, a range of his emeralds from around the world, such as one from the famous Muzo mine in Columbia. How one man's passion for gems led to a collection that rivals those of royal families.

Faking It

Paul Denis with Sara Irwin

How forgery of art and collectibles has thrived since the days of Ancient Rome. Today even the world of fossils is not immune.