Young Patrons Circle

Claude Tambu, YPC Chair


Thanks for your interest in being part of the Young Patrons Circle (YPC). I joined YPC to meet and connect with like-minded young professionals with an eye for arts and culture. A major highlight of my involvement has been interacting with ROM experts, while making a difference in my community. As a Member, you’ll enjoy extraordinary experiences and exclusive access to ROM exhibitions, galleries, curators, vaults and private collections across North America. 

This year marks the ROM’s 100th anniversary and we have been celebrating this exciting milestone with YPC Members throughout the year. For more information, please check out our upcoming events. For regular YPC updates, follow us on Twitter or on Facebook.

Next year, we will celebrate 10 incredible years of YPC, the first program of its kind in Canada. YPC Members have contributed more than $1.5 million to the ROM since 2005. To honour this decade of support, we’ll host a special YPC Speaks event on February 25, 2015. Open to the public, it will showcase our creative and knowledgeable Members as emerging and established leaders and philanthropists. I hope to see you and your friends there!

Thank you again for your generous support. 

Claude Tambu
Chair, YPC


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