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Travel back in time over 2,000 years to ancient China, uncover the mysteries of ancient Egypt or get hands-on with fossils! Our entertaining and educational private experiences give your guests the opportunity to get up close to Museum artifacts and interact with ROM experts – it’s the perfect complement to your group visit.

New topics!

Through the Mirror of Fashion

Examine real garments from the Victorian era/ 1900's / 1910's / 1920's / 1930's / 1940's/ 1950's/ 1960s-70's / 1980's, and discuss the roles of haute couture and fashion as reflections of society's changing aesthetics, styles and world events.


Secrets of the Samurai

For seven hundred years they ruled "The Land of the Rising Sun" but the samurai were more that just fierce fighters. They were also gentlemen and poets. Discover the myths and realities surrounding these amazing soldiers.

History & Traditions of Judaism

From Ancient Mesopotamia and the Levant, to the Mediterranean World and early modern Europe, discover the aspects of the history and traditions of Judaism and its role in the development of Western Civilization. Investigate artifacts from the ancient Levant and experience a guided tour of the Dr. Fred and Joy Cherry Weinberg Judaica Collection.


Make your group event even more memorable by adding a guided tour featuring our renowned collections of world cultures and natural history!

Select from the following guided experiences:

ROM in an Hour

Discover the mysteries of Egypt, marvel at medieval armour, explore the diversity of life on earth and more - all in one hour!

Architectural Tour: 100 Years in the Making   

From the timeless architecture of the ROM’s heritage galleries to the ultra modern Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, gain insight into the integration of past and present, and discover how design concepts are used to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the Museum’s collections.

Canada: Many Voices, Many Visions

Experience Canada's colourful history from the rich and diverse aboriginal cultures to the influence of the Europeans who came to this land. Discover their collective voices and visions that resonate through the fabric of the Canada of today.

Family Tour

Visitors of all ages can take a journey through history together! Discover the mysteries of Egypt, marvel at medieval armour, and explore the diversity of life on earth on this intergenerational tour.

4.6 Billion Years of Life on Earth

Explore over 4.5 billion years of life on our planet! Discover ancient Cambrian creatures, touch a meteorite, and be amazed by huge Jurassic dinosaurs and Ice Age mammals. Observe the diversity of life on earth and how species and habitats are being threatened by human activity.

The War of 1812: Heroes and Homelands

It’s often called the war that “made Canada”, but without the participation of First Nations peoples, Britain would have been hard-pressed to defend its empire in North America. Experience the First Nations world; discover what made them such an effective force in the outcome of the war and meet the Native heroes who played an important role in the conflict.

Queens, Goddesses, and Femmes Fatale

Across continents and through countless ages, women have stood in the spotlight of history. Encounter the powerful queens and fatal beauties whose fascinating stories of ambition and influence are preserved at the Museum.

Gallery Tour

Select a guided tour of one of our galleries spanning both world cultures and natural history. From Dinosaurs and Ancient Egypt to the rich history of Korea, the Museum offers an array of themed galleries for your guests to explore.

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*All Tours and Private Experiences require Museum admission.

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