The Toast Of The Town

The Toast Of The Town

by Angela Anastasopoulos


During one of the coldest winter seasons this 2013-14 our family braved the elements and decided to collectively journey over to our most beloved attraction in Toronto: The Royal Ontario Museum. It has been a difficult at best winter and the desire for outdoor activities decreased and the...

First Visit to ROM

by Barbara Mason


My husband, Rick, and I have made several trips to Toronto and we always stayed at the Inter-Continental Hotel on Bloor Street. On Saturday, January 19, 2002, we had a very slow Saturday morning and Rick had decided to go back to the hotel and watch a golf tournament on television. I made one of...

Amazing Museum

by Karen Osburn


The first time I visited the ROM from my home in New York State, I was awed by the building, the grand entrance off Queens Park Circle. I remember the beautiful visitors' hall and reception desk, but the exhibitions were incredible! I fell in love with the dinosaur exhibit and went back to...

My Great Experience

My Great Experience

by Rommel Lagrimas


My best experience with the museum was when I was a tween on a school trip. The visit was all about super natural history like dinosaurs, precious minerals - you name it. But as I grew older and moved on to college years, I've seen changes and innovations over the years. The Michael Lee-Chin...

If the ROM Were a Book....

by Martha Henderson


If I were to write a book about the ROM I'd name it "Something Different Every Time."

Alone with the Mummy

by Milton Holmes


When I was in Grade 5 our class had a trip to the ROM. I had a new cardigan which my mother told me not to wear because I'd probably lose it. I convinced her that I would not, but sure enough, I came home without it. The next day, my mom made me take the Mississauga Transit to the subway and...

The Night the Bells Were Silent

The Night the Bells Were Silent

by ROM ReCollects Editor


This story comes from Elvira Hamilton, who joined the ROM in 1913 and was a staff member for 48 years. " I well remember the night the bells didn't ring throughout the Museum. This was the responsibility of the guard on duty. I don't recall his name but he had a physique that would...


by Kat Layden


I remember my father taking me to the ROM once a month until I was 12. My father is a history buff and I was a very curious child. He wanted to share his knowledge and any moments he could with his youngest daughter. He remembers going there in the (I believe) 70's to see King Tut's...

MCFS Visits the ROM

by Christine Abdel-Messih


The grade fives of the Mississauga Christian French School visited the Royal Ontario Museum to participate in the Social Studies school group program. The students and I were excited to bring our lessons to life through the ‘Les Societes Anciennes’ workshop. The students have been learning...

Word Gets Around

Word Gets Around

by Estrella Trojman


  Our front desk staff are both welcoming and long-serving. Estrella Trojman recalls that once some Argentinian visitors came up to her. “Our friends in Argentina told us to go to the ROM when we were in Toronto and ask for Estrella, who speaks Spanish”.