Three ROM Generations

by Anna Chyrsky-Harapa


We come from hard-working immigrant roots. Schooled in both Ukrainian and English schools, my first outing from school to a downtown location was to the ROM. Although my parents, who had emigrated after the war from Ukraine, had never been to the museum, they were as excited about my school trip as...

Life in the Biodiversity Gallery

by Barbara Houghton


ROM changed my life by giving me the opportunity to volunteer at the BioDiversity Gallery. A dream come true. I got to work and meet some very talented and dedicated people and my life was made better for it. I was able to write articles for the Gallery's newsletter sharing adventures and...

Run for the ROM

Run for the ROM

by ROM ReCollects Editor


Staff initiated 24 hour relay run to raise $83,000 for the ROM's 70th birthday.  A favourite stop for the athletes was the ROM BBQ which kept them fueled throughout the day (and night). The Run was reinstated in 2012.

My ROM Experience

by Kirstyn Allam


I'm in school for applied museum studies at Algonquin College, and I started my internship January 2014. I work in the Registration department dealing with copyright projects. I always wanted to be involved in the ROM and worked with my instructor to be able to fulfill that goal by being put...

The ROM Teacher's Son

by Geri Durbin


I'm a teacher in education and programs at the Royal Ontario Museum. When my son was in the first grade, he told his teacher, "Life is not fair because I have to go to school while my mom gets to go to the ROM every day."

Extraordinary Library Service

Extraordinary Library Service

by Arthur Smith


One of my favourite memories of working on the Reference Desk in the ROM Library is the day a ROM researcher came to the Library looking for a specific journal article that could not be located in Toronto. It looked as if we were going to have to request an InterLibrary Loan from the United States,...

Accessible Galleries: The Discovery Room/Gallery

by Kate Zankowicz


In July 1977, the ROM’s Discovery Room opened and was billed as a “mini-museum for the blind.” It was called the first gallery of its kind in Canada, a learning environment that emphasized hands-on engagement with original objects and specimens. Visitors crossing the threshold of the gallery...

Friends! Registrars! Hand me that ear!

by Beth Watkins


While a student in the University of Toronto's Museum Studies Master's program in 1996-8, I had an internship in the West Asian collections with Bill Pratt, assisting him with an inventory of the Egyptology collections. We took turns with tasks, one of us at a laptop - and it must have...

A Special Place

by Judy Knox


I've always considered the Royal Ontario Museum a "home away from home". When I was very young in the 1930's, my uncle, Eric McDougall, who was an assistant in the "stuffed animal" (as I knew it then) gallery on the third floor, would bring me there each year to...


by George Hewson


  In 1992 there was a competition for Toronto teachers to be seconded to the ROM's Education Department. I made it to the final three, finished my interview, and went home to wait over the weekend for the decision. My wife rented a film so we could relax on Friday night. When the...