Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

by ROM ReCollects Editor

June 2, 2007

The crystal opens. 40, 000 people walk through empty space, which is then closed for the installation of galleries.

My First Visit

by Marion Ho


My first visit to the ROM was in 1996. I came here as a grad student and the ROM was the first on my "must visit" list. I kept hearing, "They have a great Chinese collection!" I went, and I was wowed! I have never seen such a such a rich, exquisite, collection of porcelain,...

The Sculpture Garden

The Sculpture Garden

by Fred Hainsworth


The Chinese sculpture, tomb figures, and lions left the building for a garden setting facing Bloor Street. By the time the construction of new galleries began in 1979, plans were to move them indoors. The air pollution was causing noticeable deterioration. Nowadays, the lions are back outdoors and...

Tour, Textiles, and True Love

by Heather Johnson


I met my husband when we both were involved in the Scarborough Gilbert & Sullivan Society and their production of Yeoman of the Guard. We had our first date on May 1, 1997 and three weeks later, on the Saturday of the Victoria Day Long Weekend, we decided to spend the day at the ROM. We will...

Just a speck of dust?

Just a speck of dust?

by Mark McAlister


A subtle feeling of anxiety crept over me every time I passed by that large globe in the Geology gallery. The Earth was described as a mere speck of dust, and I felt cold and alone. Somehow, this experience was a seed for new feelings of veneration that developed as I grew older. These feelings...

MUSEUM (poem)

by LouAnn Buhrows


I believe museums should be about affectivity -- that one should be able to simultaneously 'lose' oneself and connect to something larger. Here's a poem I wrote on the subject that I am pleased to share in honour of ROM ReCollects: MUSEUM Matinée monuments stories in surround...

Scary Mummy

Scary Mummy

by Shirley Fowley


About 1946, when I was 2 years old, my Grandparents were babysitting me in Toronto while my mother was expecting a baby. My Granddad took me to the ROM for the first time. Now, I know current theory holds that children don't remember things earlier than age 3 or 4, But, I assure you, I am an...

A sweet memory

by Frances Burton


A very long time ago now, when my twin girls were little, their favourite treat was to go to the ‘moozzie-zeem’. At the time we lived northeast of Newmarket so the trip was a real excursion. The visit always started with a snack or lunch because you can’t concentrate on what you are seeing if...

A Place of Awe and Reverence

by Alex Hillar


My childhood recollections of the ROM include entering the magnificent rotunda from the steps on University Ave. As my father paid the admission, my brother and I simply gazed upward at the mosaic on the ceiling in awe. directly behind the admission cashier were the steps leading toward the old...

Grade 5 at the ROM

by Jasmine Chatha


In early 1988 my grade 5 gifted class took advantage of an amazing opportunity: we spent every Wednesday for six weeks at the ROM. Each visit was dedicated to a specific theme. One visit was all about ancient Egypt and another was about Canadian wildlife. Those school trips were the beginning of my...