School Outreach

School Outreach

by ROM ReCollects Editor


Classes for school children begin in 1933 and continue today.  Lillian Payne, the first teacher, paid for by the Toronto School Board, worked at the ROM for 21 years. Not only did the children come to the ROM - in the 20s, groups from northern Ontario came by train to visit - but also the ROM...

My Brilliant Career

by Robert Taylor


Robert Taylor and  the ROM My first contact with the ROM was in 1948 when our grade 4 class from Coleman Avenue School took the Bloor streetcar along the Danforth to Avenue Road and across to the museum.  We were in awe of the magnitude of the building itself as we trundled up the concrete...

The snake

by Sara Irwin


Some years ago, I was taking part in a ROM programme called ( I think) My Favourite Object. Members of the curatorial staff brought their favourite object to what was the Chinese sculpture Atrium and placed it on a table for members of the public to look at and inquire as to why it was a favourite...