Mr. Snuffleupagus

by Christine Caroppo


My friend, artist, and teacher, Margaret Ann [Clark] Fecteau told me this story. It is both funny and tragic, and took place, I think, in the late 1970s. The ROM had at that time a gallery on the archaeological periods of Ontario before European contact. Among the dioramas was one depicting the...

Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts

by ROM ReCollects Editor


Admission rises to $1. Budget cuts mean that ROM closes evenings.

Tour, Textiles, and True Love

by Heather Johnson


I met my husband when we both were involved in the Scarborough Gilbert & Sullivan Society and their production of Yeoman of the Guard. We had our first date on May 1, 1997 and three weeks later, on the Saturday of the Victoria Day Long Weekend, we decided to spend the day at the ROM. We will...

My Brilliant Career

by Robert Taylor


Robert Taylor and  the ROM My first contact with the ROM was in 1948 when our grade 4 class from Coleman Avenue School took the Bloor streetcar along the Danforth to Avenue Road and across to the museum.  We were in awe of the magnitude of the building itself as we trundled up the concrete...

New and Old: How the Museum Connects Us.

by Nathan Bennet


My name is Nathan Bennet. I am a 18 year old first year Math student at Ryerson University and I have worked at the Royal Ontario Museum for about 3 years. I work with the ROMkids department and help with the many different programs such a Summer Club, March Break Camp,Rom for the Holidays,Saturday...

MUSEUM (poem)

by LouAnn Buhrows


I believe museums should be about affectivity -- that one should be able to simultaneously 'lose' oneself and connect to something larger. Here's a poem I wrote on the subject that I am pleased to share in honour of ROM ReCollects: MUSEUM Matinée monuments stories in surround...

A Special Place

by Judy Knox


I've always considered the Royal Ontario Museum a "home away from home". When I was very young in the 1930's, my uncle, Eric McDougall, who was an assistant in the "stuffed animal" (as I knew it then) gallery on the third floor, would bring me there each year to...

A sweet memory

by Frances Burton


A very long time ago now, when my twin girls were little, their favourite treat was to go to the ‘moozzie-zeem’. At the time we lived northeast of Newmarket so the trip was a real excursion. The visit always started with a snack or lunch because you can’t concentrate on what you are seeing if...

The View from 'Home'

The View from 'Home'

by Patricia Shaughnessy


ROM was one of my favorite haunts growing up in the '60's. Dad was executive manager of the Park Plaza Hotel across the street, and we lived on the 11th floor of the south wing. The rich green of ROM's copper roof dominated our view every time we looked out our windows. It felt like...

My First Visit!!!

My First Visit!!!

by Gary Skelton


The year was 1961, I was 10 and in grade 5 (or 6?). At that time our public school, Highview, in Hamilton, had a wonderful man for a Principal, Mr. Howard. This man would, over a period of a few months, load 5 or 6 kids into his brand new 1961 Thunderbird on a Saturday morning, and take us all to...