A Fish Story

A Fish Story

by Julia Matthews


The ROM moved quickly when it was given a frozen coelacanth that had been caught live in April 1987. It was displayed in a glass-topped freezer. Once this species was thought to be extinct. Nowadays, you can watch a video of swimming fish in the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity.

My ROM Experience

by Kirstyn Allam


I'm in school for applied museum studies at Algonquin College, and I started my internship January 2014. I work in the Registration department dealing with copyright projects. I always wanted to be involved in the ROM and worked with my instructor to be able to fulfill that goal by being put...

A ROM love story

by Sushima Naraine


My fiancée, Raj, and I met through mutual friends and immediately began getting to know each other. We found that biggest thing we had in common was our love for history, so naturally we thought to go to the ROM for our first date. We met at the front doors and he was nice enough to be a gentleman...

Journey to Mars

Journey to Mars

by Katherine Ing


One of the best days I have at the ROM is getting a first-hand look at the meteorites that have been to the farthest reaches of space and time.

ROM exhibit cases from 1914

ROM exhibit cases from 1914

by Tom Reitz

March 19, 1914

Like many museums across Ontario, the Waterloo Region Museum in Kitchener has benefitted from gifts from the Royal Ontario Museum - particularly when it has upgraded exhibit cases during past renovations. The Waterloo Region Museum has several oak exhibit cases, with brass fittings, that we...

Another Chronometer Bites the Dust

by Peter Fenton


It was late on a Friday in my first summer here when my coworker and I found ourselves with some spare time on our hands. We stuffed a labcoat and made a fairly lifelike torso. To this we added a pair of stuffed workpants and hung both from a coat rack in the lab, adding a stuffed sample bag for a...

Accessible Galleries: The Discovery Room/Gallery

by Kate Zankowicz


In July 1977, the ROM’s Discovery Room opened and was billed as a “mini-museum for the blind.” It was called the first gallery of its kind in Canada, a learning environment that emphasized hands-on engagement with original objects and specimens. Visitors crossing the threshold of the gallery...

My Brilliant Career

by Robert Taylor


Robert Taylor and  the ROM My first contact with the ROM was in 1948 when our grade 4 class from Coleman Avenue School took the Bloor streetcar along the Danforth to Avenue Road and across to the museum.  We were in awe of the magnitude of the building itself as we trundled up the concrete...

The snake

by Sara Irwin


Some years ago, I was taking part in a ROM programme called ( I think) My Favourite Object. Members of the curatorial staff brought their favourite object to what was the Chinese sculpture Atrium and placed it on a table for members of the public to look at and inquire as to why it was a favourite...

My Great Experience

My Great Experience

by Rommel Lagrimas


My best experience with the museum was when I was a tween on a school trip. The visit was all about super natural history like dinosaurs, precious minerals - you name it. But as I grew older and moved on to college years, I've seen changes and innovations over the years. The Michael Lee-Chin...