Earliest Memories

by Renée Olo


Visiting the ROM was probably my first childhood memory, and as far as I know it's what got me hooked on history. From the perspective of a three year old, the place was massive. I remember staring up in awe at the bones of an enormous Barosaurus. It looked as if it stretched up all the way...

And There Be Dinosaurs.........

by Ann Marie Beacock


It was the late 80's early 90's and dinosaurs were everywhere. TV shows, cereal boxes, toys - you name it. Most importantly, there was an exhibit at the ROM which coincided with treasures on display from King Tut's tomb. Something for my kids, and something for me. It was a win...

My First Visit

by Marion Ho


My first visit to the ROM was in 1996. I came here as a grad student and the ROM was the first on my "must visit" list. I kept hearing, "They have a great Chinese collection!" I went, and I was wowed! I have never seen such a such a rich, exquisite, collection of porcelain,...

Construction Begins

by Julia Matthews


Admission is $1.50. The renovation begins with the demolition of exhibition hall (and obliteration of any parking spaces). In its place is to be a 9 floor curatorial centre with offices, labs, collections storage, and a purpose built library. It is decided to close the museum for 13 months.

Opening Ceremony

by Julia Matthews

June 2, 2007

The crystal opens. 40, 000 people walk through empty space, which is then closed for the installation of galleries.

Drawing the Egyptians

by Jennifer Joiner


One of my best visits to the ROM was in the late 60s when my brother Mark and I went by ourselves by subway at 12 and 10 years old. Being out alone was an adventure. The ROM was familiar to us so we were nothing but happy and content as we moved through our favorite exhibits, especially the mummy...

My History of Visiting the ROM

by Sean Kelly


I am still quite young (turning 32 this year), but I estimate that I have been going to the ROM for at least a quarter of the museum's existence, beginning with trips I made as a child in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I remember visiting areas, such as the bat cave, when they were still...

Charlie and Fido

Charlie and Fido

by Helen Lovekin


In the 1960s my father was seconded to the ROM from the Toronto Board of Education and the immediate effect of this career move for me was access to the Royal Ontario Museum after closing hours. I had a tremendous sense of privilege and insider knowledge when my mother and I picked my father up at...

A Place of Awe and Reverence

by Alex Hillar


My childhood recollections of the ROM include entering the magnificent rotunda from the steps on University Ave. As my father paid the admission, my brother and I simply gazed upward at the mosaic on the ceiling in awe. directly behind the admission cashier were the steps leading toward the old...

Word Gets Around

Word Gets Around

by Estrella Trojman


  Our front desk staff are both welcoming and long-serving. Estrella Trojman recalls that once some Argentinian visitors came up to her. “Our friends in Argentina told us to go to the ROM when we were in Toronto and ask for Estrella, who speaks Spanish”.