My Father's Home

My Father's Home

by Mary Hofstetter


My father, C. H. Douglas Clarke, was a naturalist who studied forestry and wildlife biology at U of T in the 30s and went on to a distinguished career as a researcher, administrator and writer in the field of wildlife management. He always told me that when he first came to U of T as an...

My ROM Experience

by Kirstyn Allam


I'm in school for applied museum studies at Algonquin College, and I started my internship January 2014. I work in the Registration department dealing with copyright projects. I always wanted to be involved in the ROM and worked with my instructor to be able to fulfill that goal by being put...

A Student's Perspective

A Student's Perspective

by Darlene Clark Sinnott


Prof. Heinrich was at the ROM 1955-62. He taught one year, 1965-66, in Regina and went on to teach 15 years, 1966 until his death, at York University.  He taught me Museum Studies during my first year, 1975-76. It was not only a wonderfully wide-ranging, but a very valuable course. I often...

The snake

by Sara Irwin


Some years ago, I was taking part in a ROM programme called ( I think) My Favourite Object. Members of the curatorial staff brought their favourite object to what was the Chinese sculpture Atrium and placed it on a table for members of the public to look at and inquire as to why it was a favourite...

What Curators Do

What Curators Do

by ROM ReCollects Editor


Brian Musslewhite joined the ROM as a young man. One of his first tasks was to keep the period rooms clean. They were not glassed in as they are today and there was always debris. The Victorian Room featured a beagle - one of our collection of pets donated by Toronto families - and people...

Life revelation across from the ROM

by George Monteiro


For over a quarter century of my life I have been misunderstood and one day a social worker suggested that I be checked out for suspicion of a condition called "Asperger's Syndrome". Lo and behold across the street from your museum near the Grand and Toy is a building whereI was...

Ruth Home

by Kate Zankowicz


Ruth M. Home developed the education department at the Royal Ontario Museum from 1928-1945. She was an important figure in the history of the museum, and more broadly, in the history of museum-based education in the province. She developed programming that was geared towards what were then...

A Fish Story

A Fish Story

by Julia Matthews


The ROM moved quickly when it was given a frozen coelacanth that had been caught live in April 1987. It was displayed in a glass-topped freezer. Once this species was thought to be extinct. Nowadays, you can watch a video of swimming fish in the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity.

ROM exhibit cases from 1914

ROM exhibit cases from 1914

by Tom Reitz

March 19, 1914

Like many museums across Ontario, the Waterloo Region Museum in Kitchener has benefitted from gifts from the Royal Ontario Museum - particularly when it has upgraded exhibit cases during past renovations. The Waterloo Region Museum has several oak exhibit cases, with brass fittings, that we...

Keaton Smith's ROM Inspiration

Keaton Smith's ROM Inspiration

by Keaton Smith


Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at the Royal Ontario Museum? In February 2012, my family and I were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum by one of the paleontologists who works there. Our guide showed us two of the labs in which he worked, both contained countless...