Who knew a museum was so much more!

by Rashmi Hegde


I moved to Canada from Bombay, India at the end of November 1999. When I applied to work here, I wasn't really sure if this was where I wanted to be. A part time administrative job, when I was looking for full time work in a new country? I was amazed to find within weeks, nay days, that a...

First ROM Employee

First ROM Employee

by Julia Matthews


Charles Trick Currelly is appointed a collector for the University of Toronto at $500/year salary. He is working on excavations in Egypt and when back in Toronto, he arranges to display some of the material collected so that the people he is cultivating will be infected with enthusiasm and write...

Another Chronometer Bites the Dust

by Peter Fenton


It was late on a Friday in my first summer here when my coworker and I found ourselves with some spare time on our hands. We stuffed a labcoat and made a fairly lifelike torso. To this we added a pair of stuffed workpants and hung both from a coat rack in the lab, adding a stuffed sample bag for a...

Hot Potato Dance

by Peter Marsh


Victoria University at the University of Toronto is just across the street from the ROM on Charles. My university days were spent there in first year Art and Archeology. One would think lectures would be held at the university, but no, lectures were held everywhere but. Archeology lectures were...

A New Wing

by Julia Matthews


Argyle House demolished. Construction begins. The new wing had been in the original plan, and it was hoped that a later phase would fill in the additional spaces between old and new buildings. This hope remains unfulfilled for a further 50 years.

Reconnecting with Friends

by Ashley Trang


I had visited the ROM for ROM Fridays and really enjoyed the event. After the event, the ROM contacted me about a membership and I signed up immediately. I decided to invite a childhood friend to a ROM Friday. We've known each other for two decades and have never partied together! I got to...

My Three Things

My Three Things

by Karen Melville


When I was a kid, I was lucky to live close enough to the R OM to visit it on my own. And I did, frequently. I explored it minutely over the years but there were three "wow" exhibits I returned to over and over. One of them would likel y be on every kid 's list but the other two,...

The Legacy of George - George Patrick Joseph Crofts and the Chinese Collections

The Legacy of George - George Patrick Joseph Crofts and the Chinese Collections

by Gary Newcombe


I first began tracing my family history in the 1970’s, when I was at University. In those days this was a relatively difficult, time consuming and expensive task, dependent on accessing paper records from around the world. I am in Perth, Western Australia. My father’s family (Newcombe) arrived...

Tally Ho!

Tally Ho!

by Jena Bechamp


My grade five class went to the ROM in order to see early civilizations exhibits. A small group of us wanted to see the swords and armours and so stole away from our class. At this time there were many signs posted telling people not to take pictures of light-sensitive exhibits but of course my ten...

New Exhibition

by Julia Matthews


Exhibition of the Archaeological Finds of the People’s Republic of China is the most successful and profitable show in the Museum’s history. In three months, 435,000 people saw it, and $600,000 was set aside to fund future exhibitions. It also pointed up the crowding and lack of conservation...