My History of Visiting the ROM

I am still quite young (turning 32 this year), but I estimate that I have been going to the ROM for at least a quarter of the museum's existence, beginning with trips I made as a child in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

blueprint of planetarium dome

An Unexpected Visitor

[Chief Mineralogist Dr. Vic] Meen was in Teheran when an unexpected visitor appeared at my office door in October 1964. He seemed inconsequential: a short, elderly man in a grey overcoat.

blueprints of planetarium

Planetarium Closes

The Planetarium closes with layoffs. There is a public outcry, but attendance has been falling and the equipment is 25 years old. The Director speaks about it as a "low point".

planetarium under construction

Colonel McLaughlin funds a planetarium

The space exhibition may have influenced Col R S McLaughlin to donate $2m for  a planetarium and a further million as an endowment fund. (Dr Meen, Chief Mineralogist, had been trying to raise interest for a decade).