Louise Hawley Stone

woman's portrait on black background

"Largest Bequest to a Museum"

Louise Hawley Stone leaves a $45 million trust fund to support the purchase of artifacts and specimens and to support museum publications.

An Important Benefactor

Louise Hawley Stone donates $2 million to endow a permanent curatorial position, a chair in Far Eastern Art named for her. (In 2013 there are 8 endowed curatorships)

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John McNeill, Director, 1990 -1997

John McNeill is appointed Director. Coming to Toronto from a professorship in botany at the University of Ottawa, he has been the Associate Director, Curatorial.Here he speaks of his mandate.

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The Bishop White Committee

Louise Hawley Stone founds the Bishop White Committee, which still exists. It was the prototype for "Friends of ...." various departments. Every year there is a festive banquet (a few teacups are on view here) and an inspiring speaker.