mesopotamian lion with visitors

The Lion

The first time I visited the ROM would have had to have been in the early 90's. I was still quite young and I remember the old entrance and the feeling of walking into a very impressive and antiquated space.

children pose on the stone camel outdoors

The Sculpture Garden

The Chinese sculpture, tomb figures, and lions left the building for a garden setting facing Bloor Street. By the time the construction of new galleries began in 1979, plans were to move them indoors.

sculpture of lions on lawn

Lions on the Move

After arriving in Toronto and presiding over a special gallery, for a few years, the lions watched over Bloor Street. Then they went indoors again and within a few years found a place outdoors, where they wear special coats in winter.

statues on truck on street

Lions on the Move (Again!)

Demolition of the Terrace Galleries requires that the lions move to the Queen's Park frontage, where they may be seen today.