First Visit to ROM

My husband, Rick, and I have made several trips to Toronto and we always stayed at the Inter-Continental Hotel on Bloor Street.

artists in Bronfman Gallery

Meeting the Makers of Bollywood Art

When working in a museum, we do not often get the chance to meet the people who created the pieces in the collection or see these objects being made.

Amazing Museum

The first time I visited the ROM from my home in New York State, I was awed by the building, the grand entrance off Queens Park Circle. I remember the beautiful visitors' hall and reception desk, but the exhibitions were incredible!

First Disability History Exhibit at the ROM

On April 17, 2008 the ROM opened the museum's first exhibit that dealt with disability history in Canada, Out from Under: Disability, History and Things to Remember was curated by three faculty members from Ryerson University's School of

wide shot of empty Beny gallery

My Great Experience

My best experience with the museum was when I was a tween on a school trip. The visit was all about super natural history like dinosaurs, precious minerals - you name it.

workers uncrate horse terracotta

Uncrating the Terracotta Warriors

In the summer of 2010, I spent a summer in the communications department as an intern. It was a very interesting time to be at the ROM, as the last-minute preparations were in full-swing for the Terracotta Warriors exhibition.

How Exhibits Speak to Us

If you've ever wondered about how galleries and exhibitions are put together, you can listen to a seasoned professional explain....

Reflecting on "Into the heart of Africa"

Dan Rahimi revisits the exhibition, reflects on the major changes it brought about, and explains what the ROM is doing this year to balance the scales.

The Queen is signing a book while onlookers stand behind her

A Director Remembers: Highs and Lows

Jim Cruise tells about some ups and downs. The Queen's visit was a peak experience. In the Georgian Canada exhibition, which artifact did she like the best?

School busses parked outside the Queen's Park entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum.

The Yellow Line

School busses are a constant at the ROM. In addition to the coach styling, notice the sign over the front doors. It depicts a man with a magnifying glass and a big question mark to advertise the special exhibition "Search and Research".

Heinrich greets Mrs. Nathan Phillips, the Mayor's wife


The opening gala for the 1959 exhibition "Masks: the Many Faces of Man" was great fun. Museum design staff provided some spectacular examples, but the guests rose to the occasion as well.

crowds in atrium

Major Exhibitions Begin Again

The new space for blockbuster exhibitions is tested.

curving wall in gallery

Institute for Contemporary Culture Established

The founders of this new initiative had in mind exhibits of photography, but the mandate evolved. Shows were mounted once a year. One early show depicted and analysed teenage tribes.

catalogue cover in sepia

Into the Heart of Africa

The exhibition opens in November with good attendance at the public programs. Early in the next year, protests begin and escalate. ROM changes the process by which exhibitions are proposed and approved.

Close Examination

 In the early 60's my mom took my brothers and me on our first visit to ROM. After hours of viewing display case after display case if intriguing objects we walked the stairs to the top floor.

exhibition of posters

25c Admission

Admission fees rise to 25c. A new exhibition hall opens with “Impact”

planetarium under construction

Colonel McLaughlin funds a planetarium

The space exhibition may have influenced Col R S McLaughlin to donate $2m for  a planetarium and a further million as an endowment fund. (Dr Meen, Chief Mineralogist, had been trying to raise interest for a decade).

Public line-up down Queen's Park Ave. to see the new Chinese exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

A Great Exhibition

Exhibition of the Archaeological Finds of the People’s Republic of China is the most successful and profitable show in the Museum’s history.