profile of Heinrich

A Student's Perspective

Prof. Heinrich was at the ROM 1955-62. He taught one year, 1965-66, in Regina and went on to teach 15 years, 1966 until his death, at York University.  He taught me Museum Studies during my first year, 1975-76.

The Queen is signing a book while onlookers stand behind her

A Director Remembers: Highs and Lows

Jim Cruise tells about some ups and downs. The Queen's visit was a peak experience. In the Georgian Canada exhibition, which artifact did she like the best?

Eternal Issues

Janet Carding reflects on issues specific to the ROM, especially space and growth.

Renaissance ROM

William Thorsell muses on the aims of the new project for renewal.

Janet Carding, Director and CEO, 2010 -

Janet Carding is appointed Director and CEO. At the Australian Museum ( encompassing nature and culture), she was Assistant Director of Public Programs and Operations.

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Cuyler Young, Director, 1985 - 1990

Cuyler Young is appointed Director. He has been a curator, conducting archaeological digs, especially at Godin Tepe.

President William Thorsell's official portrait dark background

William Thorsell, President and CEO 2000 - 2010

William Thorsell is appointed President and CEO. Soon follows the announcement of the most ambitious renovation yet. The Master Plan costing $200 million is called Renaissance ROM. Here he talks about his arrival at the ROM.

Lindsay Sharp, President and CEO, 1997 - 2000

Lindsay Sharp is appointed. He comes to the ROM from museum experiences in England and in Australia. His title ( a first) is President and CEO. Here he talks about how he was hired.

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John McNeill, Director, 1990 -1997

John McNeill is appointed Director. Coming to Toronto from a professorship in botany at the University of Ottawa, he has been the Associate Director, Curatorial.Here he speaks of his mandate.

Heinrich dances with Margaret Walker

Theodore A. Heinrich, Director, 1955-1962

Theodore Heinrich is appointed Director, the first for a single ROM. He has come from New York and is a novelty in Toronto the Good.  A new era begins with a flurry of restructuring. Salaries are studied.

man with hard hat at mic

James Cruise, Director 1975 - 85

James Cruise is appointed Director.  A botanist, he has been recruited from the University of Toronto. For the next decade, he oversees physical expansion and a new mission that is captioned “Meaningful Survival”.

man standing in front of dinosaur bones

William Swinton, Director, 1962 - 1965

William Elgin Swinton is appointed Director.

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Peter Swann, Director, 1966-72

Peter Swann is announced as the next Director. In 1966, he tackles the space issue first. The ROM must expand or choke to death.

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Walter Tovell, Director, 1973 -1975

Walter Tovell is appointed Director.