What Curators Do


What Curators Do


  • 1968 - 1982
  • Brian Musselwhite at a table

Brian Musslewhite joined the ROM as a young man. One of his first tasks was to keep the period rooms clean. They were not glassed in as they are today and there was always debris. The Victorian Room featured a beagle - one of our collection of pets donated by Toronto families - and people frequently left dog biscuits. Once, Brian was interrupted while cleaning and called away. He later received a phone call from one of the teachers: "When was Windex invented and why is there a spray bottle in the Victorian Room?


Comment by Sej

Hello, I was interested in this field of work (Curators) and was wandering how much the median salary is at our Toronto ROM if you have a phd or masters. Would this job still be in demand in the time to come ( maybe 5-12 years)
Sej Patel

Comment by Lead Concierge

Curatorial salaries are comparable to those at the University of Toronto.  A Doctorate is required in all disciplines. ROM is attempting to endow more curatorial positions but to forecast the future is not possible.