The ROM Grants a Young Boy's Wish


The ROM Grants a Young Boy's Wish


  • 2010 - now

On August 8, 2013, the ROM was able to participate in making a young boy’s dream come true. Damien was granted his wish of being a palaeontologist for a day! Damien who has been diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, was granted a tour of the Temerty Gallery of Dinosaurs and the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity with our star palaeontologists, Dr. David Evans and Dr. Hans Larsson, Canada Research Chair in Vertebrate Palaeontology, McGill University. Damien proved to be more than a dinosaur aficionado: he was a real pro.

Following the gallery tour, Damien was granted behind the scenes access to the collections and the palaeobiology lab under the supervision of Brian Iwama where he was able to work on the preparation of new dinosaur material.

This amazing opportunity was made possible through our ROM Community Access Network (ROMCAN) program. As ROMCAN is focused on the creation of opportunities and building community by sharing the museum’s collections, we’re pleased at having been able to grant this special wish for Damien.