The Night the Bells Were Silent


The Night the Bells Were Silent


  • 1933 - 1968

This story comes from Elvira Hamilton, who joined the ROM in 1913 and was a staff member for 48 years.

" I well remember the night the bells didn't ring throughout the Museum. This was the responsibility of the guard on duty. I don't recall his name but he had a physique that would scare anyone. However, as the guard passed certain suits of armour, a hand reached out and touched him. In utter fear, he managed to reach the guardroom, where he was later discovered trembling in a corner. A guard at the University of Toronto realised that the bells of the Museum had not rung and decided to investigate. He unravelled the mystery. William Stewart, the preparator in palaeontology, was working late and decided to have some fun with the guard.