Tally Ho!


Tally Ho!


  • 1982 - 2000
  • case containing armour in gallery

My grade five class went to the ROM in order to see early civilizations exhibits. A small group of us wanted to see the swords and armours and so stole away from our class. At this time there were many signs posted telling people not to take pictures of light-sensitive exhibits but of course my ten year old self was sure that didn’t apply to *my* camera. As soon as we found the armour, with my mate commenting that he thought knights would be a lot taller, I snapped a couple of pictures. ‘Hey!’ said the voice of a security guard that came out of nowhere. Immediately we began to run through the exhibit, with me taking pictures all the way. It didn’t dawn on me that the second security guard was probably attracted by our stomping feet and the flash of my camera but then again who has time to ponder implications when one is being chased?

Somehow we managed to keep ahead of the security guards and after a rather hurried excursion through the dinosaur exhibit, we spotted our school group by the Roman emperors busts and quickly merged into the pack.

When developed, the majority of my pictures were blurs but I did get one or two suits of armour shots that my cohorts and I marveled over during morning recess. It was the fastest tour I’ve ever had at the ROM but it was far from my last.