Rumours of Mr. Currelly


Rumours of Mr. Currelly


  • 1905 - 1914

Something that people might not know about the ROM is that today's Department of Museum Volunteers Boardroom used to be Mr. Currelly's office in 1914. He had a cot in his office and would often stay the night. Rumour also has it that, prior to the ROM's opening in 1914, he was worried that there weren't enough artifacts to fill the museum with.

Editor's Comment: He used to wander the galleries in his nightgown, thus sparking many ghost stories, Moreover, he soon had filled his galleries to capacity and began complaining about lack of space. When the huge new wing opened in 1933, he was heard to mutter. "Rocks to the right of me, rocks to the left of me...." Considering that he had three floors of the first wing, that seems unjust, but he was convinced that people came to the ROM to see 'his" things. JM