• 1982 - 2000

I remember my father taking me to the ROM once a month until I was 12. My father is a history buff and I was a very curious child. He wanted to share his knowledge and any moments he could with his youngest daughter. He remembers going there in the (I believe) 70's to see King Tut's mummy!

I vividly remember being 4 years old and in love with dinosaurs and bats. He took me there and let me spend hours just looking at the dinosaur bones and teaching me to read all of the plaques about each dinosaur. When he finally dragged me away from the dinosaurs, he took me to all the other exhibits, teaching me (with help from the exhibits) all about the history of other countries. Safe to say, because of him and the ROM I'm a history buff.

I'm 26 now and I share everything I learned. My partner and I now visit and I look around and sometimes still feel like the child I was, re-experiencing the excitement of going to the ROM and reading all of the plaques again. Sometimes I see a father and daughter and I smile, getting a hint of nostalgia, knowing that a father is now starting a new tradition in his daughter - a tradition of sharing knowledge and preserving memories.


Comment by Julia Matthews

Many people think that they came here for this show.  Because the ROM was closed for the huge building project, it was actually held at the AGO! Of course we have had several other magnificent exhibitions of Egyptian art since then.