George Crofts and the Chinese collections


George Crofts and the Chinese collections


  • 1914 - 1933
  • side portrait of man against dark background

One day, Currelly was showing a distinguished visitor around at the end of the day. Thus he missed another caller, who left a card. Seeing the name of George Crofts on that card, Currelly tracked him to the King Edward Hotel.  He told this man, whose reputation as a collector of Chinese antiquities was known to London dealers, that he hadn’t a “farthing” to spend. Crofts said he had been curious to see what else the Museum held  besides the rare Luohan he had sold in London and which he had seen on a postcard in the hotel. This encounter  was responsible for $10m worth of Chinese shipments and a lifelong friendship. Crofts was ruined when a strike delayed a shipment of furs. Currelly arranged for the University of Toronto to award him an honorary degree.