First Trip to the ROM


First Trip to the ROM


  • 1982 - 2000

I visited the ROM for the first time with my second grade class, and was in awe from the time I walked in to the time we left. From the bat cave, that scared me to death and still does to some extent, to the Medieval exhibit, to the Egyptian exhibit and the visiting exhibits from all over the world every year or so, I am always enthralled by it all.

From that day forward I have visited the ROM once or twice a year and even though I no longer live in Toronto, every year when I come to see my parents in Toronto, I always stop by the ROM. Not only do I learn something new every time I walk through those doors, but it also reminds me of a younger me walking in here for the first time, and just being in awe. To this day, the ROM has a special place in my life, a constant memory of my love for history and a building that houses a lot of good childhood memories.