First date


First date


  • 2000 - 2010
  • ROm facade with posters

I have been a ROM member since 2009 and an enthusiast since childhood. When visiting the ROM I spend most of my time at the kids biodiversity discovery area; when alone you will find me wandering the halls of natural history exhibits... and sometimes Egypt.

I took Carrie on our first date to the ROM. We observed the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Exhibit Hall under dim lighting. It was perfect: soft light, romantic glances, and "accidental" touch of an arm or hand led to our first kiss at the end of our date.

Today we continue to visit the ROM--with our two boys--and spend most of our time traveling through the bat cave (again and again) and watch Dory and Nemo swim in the sea water tank (over and over again).

The ROM has been a place where memories have been created--past, present, and future. Thanks and Happy Birthday. #ROM100