Family Memories of the ROM


Family Memories of the ROM


  • 2010 - now

I have many favorite moments at the ROM, and I have already shared many with ROM staff over the years I have been a member. I usually come to visit with my 13 year old daughter, Maya. She sometimes brings a few friends and she plays the guide role, offering descriptions, back stories, map directions, etc. Recently, she convinced her aunt, Mona Lisa, and cousin, Catherine, to become members themselves and schedule a day to meet with all the family here. My niece came with four kids, ages 7,6,2 and 1. Anthony, the 2 year old – took the lead on our tour once we reached the Wildlife Photography Exhibit. He “read” us the captions of the photo: “This polar bear is playing hide & seek with his brother.” – “The lion is sad because the rain made his hair ugly.” … We had a good laugh!

Now, our whole extended family has a ROM memory to share.

Happy Birthday to the Royal Ontario Museum