Earliest Memories


Earliest Memories


  • 2000 - 2010

Visiting the ROM was probably my first childhood memory, and as far as I know it's what got me hooked on history. From the perspective of a three year old, the place was massive.
I remember staring up in awe at the bones of an enormous Barosaurus. It looked as if it stretched up all the way to the sky. My parents still laugh at how I would make them carry me close to the carnivorous dinosaurs while I half-covered my face with my arm because I was scared of them, but I still wanted to look at them. And I remember running through the Roman and Greek exhibits to get to the Egyptian exhibit so I could go stare at the mummy for awhile.
We've since moved away from Toronto, but every time I come back I don't leave without visiting the ROM. Thank you ROM for all the wonderful memories!