Connecting with the Past


Connecting with the Past


  • 1968 - 1982

I was 11 when my family moved to Toronto from a small Eastern Townships community an hour from Montreal. A school field trip into the city was a big deal! Actually moving and living in a big city was a really huge deal!
Changing schools and moving so far from friends was not easy for me in my early adolescence. My parents realized this and hoped that not only would I learn about the world's cultures but that I might make new friends by attending the ROM's Saturday Morning Club. I was terribly shy so I don't recollect making friends with my co-SMC's but my horizons were certainly broadened by the museum's collections that were showcased each Saturday. I was particularly amazed at being allowed to actually touch these amazing artefacts once used by people's in places far away and in times long ago. My passion for history certainly originated from this great programme. Unfortunately I was unable to participate further as the museum closed for renovations in the winter of 1980.
Museums and galleries around the world hold so many treasures but the programming the ROM has for children where they actually get to hold a piece of our cultural and natural histories is something to be celebrated indeed!