And There Be Dinosaurs.........


And There Be Dinosaurs.........


  • 1982 - 2000

It was the late 80's early 90's and dinosaurs were everywhere. TV shows, cereal boxes, toys - you name it. Most importantly, there was an exhibit at the ROM which coincided with treasures on display from King Tut's tomb. Something for my kids, and something for me. It was a win win.
We lived on a farm north of Alliston, Ontario at the time. I had two boys: a five year old and a 2 1/2 year old. Our trip to the big city was the adventure of their young lives. Both of them were heavily into dinosaurs and I was into Egyptology. On the day we went to the ROM, the boys had their first bus ride, their first subway ride and their first visit to a museum. It was magic. We explored the dinosaur exhibit first; my oldest son reading the plaques for my youngest and both of them correcting the 'mistakes' they found! They were enchanted and interactive with many of the displays. When we finally got around to the Egyptian exhibits my oldest son became even more excited. My youngest had fallen asleep in his stroller, leaving my oldest and I time and quiet to explore and discuss the wonders we found. I can't express enough the impact this visit to the ROM has had on my sons. Both of them became history buffs, and my oldest dreams of being an archaeologist. My oldest now lives in Toronto, and every time I visit him, our first port of call is the ROM. It has become 'our' place and our shared passion. We have watched it go through many many changes over the years and we look forward to sharing its secrets for many years to come.