An Old Friend


An Old Friend


  • 1968 - 1982

I have always loved the Museum. I would spend every minute that I could there, sometimes doing my homework in the company of ancient Egyptian Pharaohs or dinosaurs. I loved everything about the museum. When I started working, one of the first things I did was purchase a lifetime membership to the ROM. I still have my original membership card. I don't live in Toronto anymore, but whenever I get a chance to visit I always make time for my old friend. To me the ROM has always been a home away from home, my safe place to sit and meditate, to just enjoy the quiet time. I love all the exhibits, the bat cave is one of my favorites, as is the ancient Egyptian exhibit. I miss the old museum: although I like the new look, I loved the old one. When I do get chance to visit Toronto in the near future I hope to make a stop there and to share my love of the ROM with my children.
Rita Cacciotti Attard