A Prominent Woman


A Prominent Woman


  • 1914 - 1933
  • painting of Sarah Warren
  • luohan in gallery

Mrs Warren was the only woman on the first Board of Trustees and she served for 40 years. When her husband died unexpectedly in 1909, she took over the running of his company. She was a founder of charitable institutions such as the Canadian Red Cross, which used her home on Wellesley St. as its headquarters. But her longstanding philanthropy to the ROM means that we owe her many of our iconic objects such as the luohan that was responsible for our long connection with George Crofts and which is the symbol of ROM Reproductions - an effort by our voluntters that she would certainly have approved. On many occasions, she bailed out Charles Currelly, who had spent much more than the funds available. Her family has maintained a connection with the ROM.