Theodore Heinrich

profile of Heinrich

A Student's Perspective

Prof. Heinrich was at the ROM 1955-62. He taught one year, 1965-66, in Regina and went on to teach 15 years, 1966 until his death, at York University.  He taught me Museum Studies during my first year, 1975-76.

Heinrich greets Mrs. Nathan Phillips, the Mayor's wife


The opening gala for the 1959 exhibition "Masks: the Many Faces of Man" was great fun. Museum design staff provided some spectacular examples, but the guests rose to the occasion as well.

Heinrich dances with Margaret Walker

Theodore A. Heinrich, Director, 1955-1962

Theodore Heinrich is appointed Director, the first for a single ROM. He has come from New York and is a novelty in Toronto the Good.  A new era begins with a flurry of restructuring. Salaries are studied.