Things That Cough in the Night


Things That Cough in the Night


  • 1982 - 2000

After the Planetarium layoffs, some staff found other positions in the ROM. One woman who had been a greeter became a Security Officer. She had to do the lonely midnight shift, making the rounds in a dark and empty museum. One night I got a terrified call: “I think there’s someone in the men’s washroom on the third floor. I heard a cough in there.”

I went to check and found no one inside. Just as I was going out the door to reassure the trembling guard, I heard the cough. It was the fresh air system starting up and the resemblance to a human was uncanny.

The end of this story is not happy. She quit the next week, saying she was too frightened to continue night shifts.


Comment by Julia Matthews

Aron joined the staff in 1984. His is the presence that greets everyone who comes to the ROM via the staff entrance. He knows everyone and has many stories to tell.