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This exhibition focuses on three great centres of ancient civilization – Sumer, Assyria and Babylon – encompassing modern day Iraq and parts of Syria and Turkey. Bringing the rich history of Mesopotamia to life through priceless historical objects, multimedia and fascinating stories of innovation that connect them to today, the ROM offers unique experiences for school groups, as well as families visiting on their own, to enable learning and participation by children of all ages.

By connecting history to modern day society, we aim to help children understand the importance of learning about ancient cultures while imagining what the future may hold for human innovation.

ROMkids Video

This wall is about 2,700 years old! It tells the story of a brave Assyrian King who comes face to face with a lion. Told in frames like a comic book, this is just one of the stories you'll find inside the Mesopotamia exhibition.

Zoe McQuinn, ROM Educator, takes a closer look at the Statuette of a Rearing Goat and describes what this artifact can tell us about Mesopotamians.  This is just one of the many animals families will find inside the exhibition. What animals did you see?
Statuette of Rearing Goat ("Ram Caught in a Thicket"). Generously loaned to the ROM by/ © the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.