Friends of Ancient Egypt

Friends of Ancient Egypt was founded in 2006 to support the conservation and preservation of objects in the Egyptian and Nubian collections at the Royal Ontario Museum, as well as to create opportunities to add to the existing collections.

Since that time, thanks to the amazing work of volunteers and the generous support of donors, FAE has been able to provide funds for priority projects in our Egyptian and Nubian collections. These projects include: Radio-carbon testing of an unusual coffin from Egypt’s Dakhleh Oasis, (now displayed in the Discovery Galllery), the unrolling, conservation and display of Amen-em-hat’s Book of the Dead, assisting research of ROM’s Egyptian collection by facilitating the visit of Dr. Pamela Rose (EES), facilitating work on the ROM’s previously unstudied Egyptian and Nubian leather collection by Dr. Andre Veldmeijer, and the conservation of three inscribed limestone statues from Theban Tomb 318.

Donation Form (PDF)

Group Executive

Dr. Krzysztof Grzymski
Senior Curator, Egypt and Nubia

Roberta Shaw
Assistant Curator (Retired)

Erin Kerr
Chair, FAE

Gayle Gibson

Deirdre Keleher

Zoe McQuinn