Kim Tait

Kim Tait in the field

Around dinnertime on November 20, 2008, thousands of people in central Canada witnessed a bright fireball, or shooting star, streaking across the sky. Scientists figured out where the meteorites fell, and I got out there right away to help with the search. Over four days I found 13 meteorites myself! It was an amazing experience to discover and hold a piece of outer space, something that had traveled from between Mars and Jupiter - from the asteroid belt!

Kim Tait

Job Description: 

Curator of Mineralogy


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Comment by Tim Liu

Dear Ms. Kim Tait,

Hi Kim, my name is Tim. I am writing this email to seek help on identifying an unknown rock which I bought at an antique store. I am very curious as to what type and where my rock came from. Reading from your profile, I feel you definitely have enough expertise in mineralogy and have done plenty experiments on identifying extra-terrestrial rocks/minerals. If you would be kind enough to offer any advice, I would love to arrange a meeting with you. I would appreciate if you could reply as soon as you can. Thank you very much.


Tim Liu