Wildlife Photographer of the Year | Level 4, Roloff Beny Gallery

  • A close up of a red fox looking over a wall
    ©Sam Hobson (United Kingdom) Nosy Neighbour
  • A close up of a white monkey in a tree
    ©Dhyey Shah (India) Golden Relic
  • A bird tossing a termite in the air to eat
    ©Willem Kruger (South Africa) Termite Tossing

Opens November 12, 2016


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Discover striking wildlife and captivating landscapes as Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the longest-running and most prestigious nature photography competition in the world, returns to the ROM for its fourth year. Featuring new photographs from the 2016 competition, Wildlife Photographer of the Year continues to amaze and move viewers with the remarkable beauty and diversity of the natural world.

Now in its 52nd year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition attracts tens of thousands of submissions by photographers of all ages from around the world every year. Premiering at the Natural History Museum, London, before embarking on a world tour, the exhibition showcases the finalists and winners of the competition through 100 breathtaking photographs.

Whether you’re a nature lover, aspiring photographer, or simply love a perfectly captured moment, come explore nature, wildlife and the very best in nature photography.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
is developed and produced by the 
Natural History Museum, London.